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Stay in Place Concrete Wall Form

This information was requested by yourself, or someone that feels this information will benefit you.                    Phone: (954) 325-7578                H. John Griffin II, PE


I was influenced to invent a method of construction that is the easiest method of construction to get the most benefits for the home buyer, while using Entry Level Employees.  I expected there would be limitations and negative characteristics of the wall system as a whole, but that the positives would out weigh the negatives and become the new standard of building concrete insulated walls for residential and commercial buildings.  I am going to provide to you information on how to build using the All Wall System, how construction issues are addressed, and then allow you the opportunity to see if you can find a better way to build than the All Wall System while considering all the following benefits that every home can easily have when built correctly;


1. High Wind Strength

2. Energy Efficiency

3. Ease of Construction

4. Ease of obtaining Building Permits

5. Mold resistance

6. Fire resistance

7. Pest Resistance

8. All Materials that make up the All Wall System are considered Green products

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Very important - ‘wall suppliers such as ICF, SIP, and Pre-Cast do not mention the costs of the additional products they have to have attached to them (furring strips, drywall, synthetic stucco, wrap, etc.) in addition to their forms to make their method of wall building AS COMPLETE as the All Wall System.

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As a concrete wall all of Florida's High Wind resistance is easily exceeded.  See the Engineering Data Sheet in the following link. This brochure is all ANY engineer in the world needs to confirm the All Wall System exceeds the loading requirements imposed. 

The best way to explain the cost savings of the All Wall System is to compare it to what was once believed to be the most energy saving method of construction.  Within the below link you will find Supportive Links to the laboratory (ORNL) that was contracted by the Department of Energy to test 16 wall methods to determine which wall offers the most energy savings.

Many people ask me for the installation video.  I tell them ALL the information they need to install the All Wall System is in the brochure.  The install instructions were originally ONE page, but to satisfy the requests for more I created more drawings.  Now the FULL installation instructions are two pages!  I've even gone so far as to apologize for how easy it is to install that I can not make up more information for them to review.

I provided many pictures and much conversation with them.

This didn't satisfy the inquisitive, so I provided some videos of the wall being pumped (filled with concrete) and PowerPoints of the installation process and then provided a video of the walls installed.


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Power Point slide shows:

House-AllWallSystem.ppt   MAIN Slide Show

AllWall-Superstructure.ppt  College Classroom Presentation

AllWallINSTALL.ppt    Animated Slideshow

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Text Files (pdf)

CaseStudy01.pdf   Main PDF


All Wall Details


2hr 24 min of Training=38’9”of Wall




Video Files

Concrete Pump Filling 12’ tall wall\

YES, the concrete flows into the 1” wide space.


Walls Up and aligned, ready for corner forming

Over 6 Million Dollar house with 14' ceiling and 26' celings, all the load bearing walls are the All Wall System method of construction, Concrete-Insulkation-Concrete.Small homes can easily be built with up to 12 volunteers to install, One supervising person (someone that has built part of a home before) can easily manage this hap-hazard crew to build the most energy efficient home that can be built by using the All Wall System for the walls.


Affordable Housing:  $145,000 —

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All Wall is perfect for Low End housing - Commercial Warehouse construction and High End housing.  All Wall can be used for part of the stemwall footer and for basement walls.All Wall System panels ready to be loaded and delivered to the job site's slab, or footers.Anything that can be formed in the field can 'more easily' be formed in a 'controlled environment' with well maintained tools.  This arched beam takes the same time to install as a straight beam. About 10 mlinutes.To seal the envelope you need to spray foam. - PERIOD.  Foam with the All Wall System will get you 60% energy savings. Next is to shade the windows from the sun. Shading and low E windows can get you 75% less energy use than a code built home.Commercial Walls, 21'0" tall. This 14,000 SF - day care with 75 people (students and teachers) has a monthly electric bill that is less than the owners 5,000 SF house that she and her husband live in.  Louisiana Style construction. The first floor is a closed in above ground basement, for lack of a better description.

Commercial and Residential Applications

12' tall Hand Installed - what other sytem gets you all the benefits of the All Wall System and can be hand installed and braced with C-Studs that are then used for the interior partitions?  Not ICFs, they use 9% more energy to cool and heat. And there isn't a SIP out there that matches the All Wall Strength and Energy Savings! PreCast panels need cranes to manufacture and cranes to install and welding.Since we were the First Light Gage Steel Truss Company certified by Metro Dade County Product Control Division, we sometimes throw in steel trusses. These were fabricated on site. We also engineered this building.There is straight and then there is All Wall straight.Commercial warehouse from a distance.Warehouse with light gage steel roof trusses, being sheeted.